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XNK vampires artwork.jpg

claws, teeth, and eyeless

listener's discretion advised



a little self deprecation never hurt no one

out now

weightless artwork.JPG

"I'm just dealing' with some

old shit I don't want to get into"

out now

currents 1.png

this song is despair

 There's beauty in everything

out now

opcion con nombre.jpg

this song is about lust. how if you succumb to your every desire the outcome may not be what you had hoped

 light my fire
Out Now

zombie artwork.JPG

We made this version of "Zombie" to be a call to action against all of the hate that has infected us 

 Zombie Out Now

cover art.JPG

debut ep
out now

my first ep: 'chasing rain' is me searching for me, for reason, for healing, for forgiveness, and for redemption.

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